This Dip is the Nuts! Muhammara. Nut based dip for your mezze platter.

Pardon the pun...or don't!

Think of this as a dish that would fit perfectly in on a mezze platter, next to a plate of hummus or baba ganoush. Great sharing dish for a get together and served best with warm pita bread. Traditionally it's got a bit of a chilli kick to it, but it's personal preference.

Give it a go, bit different but I promise you will happy with your choice. Best of all, no cooking required and only takes 10 minutes (only 10!). Healthy and also vegan friendly.

Ingredients - Serves 8 (4 mini plates on a table)


Healthy handful of...


Pine Nuts


Few extras for garnish.

Everything Else...

Medium onion

Red pepper paste, 1 tbs. Sainsburys!

Cumin, 1tbs

Salt, 1tsp

White pepper, 1/4 tsp

Fresh red chill

Flat bread, 2 large (they need to be hard, so either leave them out in the open, or put in the oven for 2 minutes. This is essential)

Fresh red pepper

Turkish red pepper (long and thin red peppers, in all supermarkets).Optional.

Olive oil 400-500 ml

Pomegranate molasses (4-5 table spoons), bit extra for garnish. Sainsburys!


Roughly chop your nuts. Cut up the onions, peppers and chillies into smaller chunks. This makes it easier for your food processing.

Put your dry pita bread in the processor and blitz to get it as fine as possible. Then remove, place into a separate bowl. Blitz the onion and both types of peppers. Add the bread back in and blitz. The bread will take all the moisture so you'll will notice how dry the mix is, so start adding the olive oil at a slow pace while processing. If you have a palette knife, use it to stir the mixture every 30 seconds or so.

Add the nuts, cumin, salt, white pepper, molasses and red pepper paste and blitz for about 45 to 60 seconds. Give a little stir with your palette knife. You are looking for a paste like texture. If its to dry and some more olive oil. Too wet, add more bread.

All done! Place onto a small serving plate and garnish. I like mine a bit cooler so will put it in the fridge, covered for an hour before I garnish. Splash of additional olive oil, molasses and the nuts on top.

Warm pita and enjoy. If you had a go and enjoyed it let me know. We love to share :)



#alshamifoodie #goodvibesonly

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