Simplicity Wins! Mujadara - Lentils and Onions?!

HUGE CLAIM! This is In my top 5 dishes of all time. Maybe it's a nostalgia thing or maybe it's just absolutely delicious. Very popular Syrian dish with many different variations depending on where you are from. This is how my Dad makes it (best of course).

I'll make this as a main meal itself served with a salad, some pickles and Greek yoghurt. If taking a break from meat, wanting something easy to feed the family or just don't want to spend lots of time cooking then this is for you. Incredibly healthy as well.

Very popular eaten hot and cold. Good for lunch the next day.

Ingredients (feeds 4 people)

Brown Lentils - 200g

Course Bulgar Wheat - 100g

Large Onions - 5, sliced

Water - 700ml (boiled)

Rock Salt - x2 big pinches

White Pepper - 1 tsp

Ground Cumin - x2 tbsp (the key!)

Vegetable Oil - 1 tbsp

Olive Oil - To dress

Rinse the lentils a couple of times and then add to a pot with the boiling water. Put them on a medium heat to simmer and cover with a lid for 15 minutes. Whilst that's cooking...

Add the vegetable oil to a frying pan and on a medium heat fry all of the sliced onions and cook until soft/see through. Remove half of them from the pan and set aside. Continue cooking the others until crispy and brown (not burnt and black!). Refer to the image above, they are used to dress on top of the dish.

After the lentils have been on for 15 minutes there should be a little water left in the pot. Rinse the bulgar wheat and add to the lentils, mix and leave for around 2 minutes . Add the salt, white pepper, cumin and the soft onions. Mix mix mix. The bulgar will cook in the heat quickly. That's it. How easy was that!?

Place on your serving dish, add the brown crispy onions on top and dress with the olive oil. Dolop of Greek yoghurt, pickles and salad on the side.

Have a go and let me know what you think!

Thanks and enjoy.


#alshamifoodie #goodvibesonly

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