Homemade Hummus

It's soooooooo easy!

Hello again friends. This blog entry is pretty straight forward. I'm going to share how to make delicious homemade hummus that takes a total of 10 minutes start to finish.

Perfect for plenty of occasions and even more so when you want to impress others, be it at a picnic, dinner party or just something to knock up if you are feeling lazy.


- Jar of Chickpeas (drained weight of 250 grams...ish!)

- Lemon Juice, 150ml (fresh or from concentrate)

- Tahina Sauce, 4 to 5 tbs (or more depending on preference)

- Salt, Pinch

- Water, 150ml

- Clove of Garlic, medium size

You will need a food processor to blitz it all.

Total Time - 10 Minutes

Drain the chickpeas in a strainer, give a rinse in cold water and put them into the processor. Add the tahina, a bit of the water, garlic and salt. Blitz for a good minute and gradually add the lemon juice and the rest of the water while blitzing. You are now 90% done!

What happens next is up to you as it's all about how you like your hummus. Want more flavour? Add more tahina and lemon juice. Want a more runny consistency? Add more water. It's all about trail and error here and working out how you like it. I like to add a bit more tahina and I don't hold back. That's it, done, easy.

If not eating it there and then just cover and place in the fridge. Lasts around 3 days.

Let's get fancy... not really.

Big dollop of the good stuff you have just made into a small bowl. Put a table spoon into the centre of the hummus and rotate the bowl with one hand and in the other just make little wave movements until you make a little edge around the top of the bowl.

I add some olive oil and cumin. Serve with some pickles and warm pita.

As always, tell us what you think but most importantly please enjoy!


#alshamifoodie #goodvibesonly

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